Paul Jex

Paul Jex will be showing work at Hoults Yard and the Old Low Light.

Hoults Yard

  • Title: IOMA: Invitation Cards No.016
  • Artist: Paul Jex
  • Medium: Invitation Cards

IOMA: Invitation Cards, is an accompaniment to in which artist’s work have or continue to focus upon the single colour. With two artists paired together Jex discusses ways of the dissemination of art through data, text and imagery.

Paul Jex - IC 1

Paul Jex - IC 2


Old Low Light

  • Title: The Gaul: 1974
  • Artist: Paul Jex
  • Medium: Artist Book

I am interested in the dissemination of data, text and imagery by ways of looking into how these forms of communication engage with an audience.

The Gaul: 1974, is my response to the collection of material that have been amassed by S North and B Chambers who lost family and friends in the disappearance of the Gaul, a fishing trawler in the Barents Sea in 1974.

Paul Jex - The Gaul_Page_12

Paul Jex - The Gaul. 1974.

Paul Jex - The Gaul. 1974. image 2