Mike Hirst

Mike hirst will be showing work at Hoults Yard and the Old Low Light

Hoults Yard

  • Title: Time For Truth
  • Artist: Mike Hirst
  • Medium: sound installation (radio/broadcast)

The work to be presented is focused on the convergence of truth and time. Radio is no longer a linear shared experience. Digital devices allow asynchronous listening; buffering and other factors can delay signal reception for periods of anything up to 20 or 30 seconds. The verity of the Greenwich time signal has been eroded. In an era when we are increasingly aware of the blurring between fiction, speculation and truth, the placing of the time signal in advance of the news is not without significance. If the time signal itself cannot be trusted, haw can we trust anything which follows.

Using radio as a medium multiple signals will be transmitted, received, relayed and remixed using a a temporary FM broadcast network.


Old Low Light

  • Title: Distant Questions
  • Artist: Mike Hirst
  • Medium: mixed media (assemblage)
  • Title: Distant Voices
  • Artist: Mike Hirst
  • Medium: digital video

The work to be presented investigates ideas around communication, history and location. Work sited in two of the display draws assembles collected historical items and printed ephemera to pose universal questions using Morse code. The video screen work takes as it's starting point a digital re-imagining of a Cooke and Wheatstone Five Needle Telegraph. This early version of wireless communication is overlaid with numerological patterns and esoteric imagery in a playful investigation into the origins and development of distant text delivery.

The work will be developed during the course of the exhibition through a series of parallel broadcast and live events.