Hania Klepacka

Hania Klepacka will be showing work at Hoults Yard.

Hoults Yard

With research into British wildlife and European folklore, it is in the intricate line-work of Hania Klepacka’s pieces, in drawing and sculpture, which she hopes to invoke a sense of the “real” on the behalf of the viewer. This line-work, Klepacka believes, is not merely a tool in which to convey forms on paper or in the third-dimension; rather, with depth and direction (and therefore a sense of movement) she is able to instil mortality, and subsequently morality, into her subjects.

Hania Klepacka - HY 1

Hania Klepacka - HY 2

Hania Klepacka - HY 3

Hania Klepacka - HY 4