Elizabeth Green

Elizabeth Green will be showing work at Hoults Yard and the Old Low Light.

Hoults Yard

Hoult’s Yard was once home to Maling pottery, claimed to be the ‘world’s biggest’ during the Victorian era. Hundreds of patterns were designed and made using the Transferware technique, where unfired ceramics were printed with tissue paper transfers taken from engraved copper plates. My work uses these materials to respond to the building as it stands today.

Elizabeth Green - HY1

Elizabeth Green - HY2


Old Low Light

  • Title: The Middens Darkly Frown
  • Artist: Elizabeth Green
  • Medium: Seaweed, paper, cuttlefish ink, mixed media

A tool for navigation, maps also capture a place and hold history within their boundaries. They form a bridge between the past and present, allowing you to travel across an area and through the story of it. My map tells the tale of the treacherous rocks known as the ‘Black Middens’, thrown into the Tyne by the Devil.

Elizabeth Green - OLL1

Elizabeth Green - OLL2