Ares Rabe

Ares Rabe will be showing work at Hoults Yard.

Hoults Yard

  • Title: Eco-Sytems
  • Artist: Ares Rabe
  • Medium: installation (mixed media)

Humanity has always tried to tame nature. Using machines and technology we’ve tried to control it. Cutting down trees to build our roads and houses, we also push back the seas to build more buildings.

No matter how much we temper with it or try to tame it, nature will always show us that it has more strength. In the middle of the street I saw a crack. Through the crack a bright yellow flower is growing. I’m amazed. How can this little flower break through the concrete?

Using a combination of old pieces of technology, plants photography and video this exhibition will be looking at the relationship between nature, humanity and technology.